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Default Re: Statement responding to 'social media storm' "Regarding Wrexham DSA & Viewing Platform"

Originally Posted by terrytactics View Post
I’m extremely disappointed with this news however, not surprised. I strongly believe that it’s long been a hidden agenda by the WST to undermine the DSA because of its independent status and willingness to hold the WST/Club to account over disabled supporter issues. I say this as a former WST board member who was ‘tasked’ with initiating and running the DSA. Having done so, almost every request made to the WST/Club by the DSA thereafter was greeted with a mixture of responses from board members; some individuals were very positive but certain ‘key’ members were negative or apathetic. It was noticeable over time that the successes being achieved by the DSA weren’t being received with the full backing of the WST/Club as would normally be expected. This has culminated in the fiasco we’ve seen over the second platform; a wholly unnecessary mess created by the WST/Club because of their unwillingness to fully engage with the DSA: Why? Because they dislike taking advice from a successful independent voluntary group. Irony eh!
The DSA successes by the way have included:
Initiating monthly dementia friendly meetings.
Initiating autism friendly match days.
Manning disabled car parking spaces on match days.
Running transport to away matches for wheelchair fans (including Wembley three times).
Raising funds and implementing the provision of the first wheelchair viewing platform.
Manning and organising the rota for the wheelchair viewing platform.
Initiating the provision of half time refreshments in situ for wheelchair supporters.
Initiating the ADC scheme for partially sighted fans.
Fund raising for the provision of a second wheelchair viewing platform.
Payment for the provision of architectural work and advice for the above.
Providing advice and support on disability matters to individuals and the WST/Club.

Clearly, the WST/Club do not want the DSA involved in these matters any longer; therefore my WST membership has just become unnecessary
Thank you Terry , both for your efforts and that summary. It's a sorry tale but one I can't say , in all honesty , that I didn't see coming. Witnessed events , and heard comments , which led me to believe the DSA wasn't as respected, or as highly regarded, at the highest level of our club as it is by ordinary fans. Suspect , if the truth be known , that applies to other connected groups also. Very sad and ultimately highly destructive.
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