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Default Re: Statement responding to 'social media storm' "Regarding Wrexham DSA & Viewing Platform"

Originally Posted by wafc1926 View Post
Thank you Terry , both for your efforts and that summary. It's a sorry tale but one I can't say , in all honesty , that I didn't see coming. Witnessed events , and heard comments , which led me to believe the DSA wasn't as respected, or as highly regarded, at the highest level of our club as it is by ordinary fans. Suspect , if the truth be known , that applies to other connected groups also. Very sad and ultimately highly destructive.
Ultimately the divide and rule tactics are highly destructive for all involved. I really did hope for so much more from the WST stewardship on our behalf. It is sad when those who have found themselves in a position of privilege choose to direct the club in such a divisive way. It really does seem to be a campaign of closing ranks and excluding any voices airing concerns. I fear for those who would choose to protest against such harmful decision making as the us and them is perpetuated by the self preservation mentality.