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Default Re: Statement responding to 'social media storm' "Regarding Wrexham DSA & Viewing Platform"

Originally Posted by GiggityGiggityGiggityGoo View Post
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Is it true, the rumours I'm hearing, that
have abandoned their car park / platform services and cancelled ADC commantary, For tomorrows game, Shocking treatment of thier own service users!! , what about people who rely on this?
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27 Sep
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I suggest that before you start attempting to pollute the image and reputation of a group of hard working, committed volunteers, you give a full and open account of the rationale, of those who are the subject of your pseudo-propaganda.

As I said, this was lined up a while ago including the story with more holes than Tesco roundabout.
This could have only come from someone very, very closely connected to the club - fact.

It was later taken down..

The reply was mine.
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