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Default Re: Monday Statement from DSA

Originally Posted by chef1 View Post
Your moaning you had to give a seat up to accommodate a disabled platform ... wow
No he's not moaning about that. He's merely pointing out the alleged lack of grace with which the DSA handled his particular situation.

It is symptomatic of some of this forum's members that comments are twisted to suit the biased views being promoted, whether it is this particular issue, the fans v. the WST, or the fans v. the Club Board.

It is true that no matter what anyone posts here, there are others who seem determined to find fault, and this escalates the current breakdown in communications and respect between the parties concerned.

It needs to stop. Now.

If it doesn't, then those who support one viewpoint or the other will destroy any possibility of the hard working volunteers on BOTH sides of the wall that's been built by them getting back together to pull in the same direction, and that direction is to achieve everything that can be expected of our once-great club. Start behaving like adults please!!!

If you don't, then everybody loses out.

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