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Default Re: Monday Statement from DSA

Isn’t all of this just symptomatic of the issues that arise with fan ownership?
I am no longer a wst member and so I don’t have any deeper knowledge, but simply from observation, it seems that while we languish just above the relegation zone of the fifth tier of football, the club itself appears to be imploding as the different factions within the fan base all pull in different directions, for different reasons.
The ownership model appears to mean so many different things across the spectrum of the fan base, but ultimately, if the current board were to step down, then who will step in to take over, and more importantly (imo) in what direction will the club then pull?
It just seems that it is time for a bit of humility, a compromise from all sides to bring this latest issue to a mutually agreeable conclusion for the benefit of the club as a whole. Compromise, evolve and move forward.