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Default Re: Statement responding to 'social media storm' "Regarding Wrexham DSA & Viewing Platform"

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
Appears to be a clash of personalities. Whilst it may only affect the viewing platform it is unnecessarily confrontational.
All seems a bit silly talking of withdrawing support, then not releasing the names for the viewing platform 'till late in the day over a photo opportunity.
Likewise the club could have given a bit more leeway in the time required to respond.
May well be QR, but this isn't the playground, this is business. Successful businesses overcome `personality clashes'.

Whilst it may `only affect the viewing platform' and `only affect' a few fans, to those fellow fans it's essential - they don't have the freedom of choice to view the match from wherever they want, so it is important.

Your third sentence has clearly been overtaken by the release of further information by the DSA.