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Default Re: Are the board concerned about losing fans and money ?

Originally Posted by BP Red View Post

Even the EGM proposal was ill conceived and poorly executed. All it takes is a modicum of research beforehand and for people to follow the correct protocol but time after time the throwing your toys out of the pram approach seems to be favoured.
What correct protocol wasn't followed?

How do you know what approach was followed?

Did you really believe the first ever call for an EGM was going to be perfect? What did you expect, statements prepared by lawyers?

At least they have tried is all I can say. Better than just talking about it on here and better than waiting for someone else to do it then just looking for anyway to criticise it and pull it apart.

There are still loads of people who don't understand what the call for the EGM is, its been explained but many chose not to bother reading it.