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Default Re: Are the board concerned about losing fans and money ?

Originally Posted by Wreck Sam View Post
Part of the problem has been that the same person can sit on the 2 boards. This leads to a lack of accountability. If a WAFC board member acts in a way that is not in the interests of the club (the club and not the status quo) then the WST should act on behalf of the club to address that problem. Clearly there is reason to believe that this isn't happening. Is the club serving the WST or is the WST doing what as members we are fully entitled to demand ? The WST are custodians of our club. The WAFC board should be accountable for driving the club forward on the field... not WST matters. An honest self appraisal is needed by those on the WST and WAFC boards if any good can come from where we find ourselves. I don't believe the part time input in key areas are in the best interests of the club. The waste of our budget over the years would maybe fund a person of vision that can see beyond what we have been delivered these last 8 years.

There should only be one person who is on both boards - and their purpose on the WST board should be to hold the FC board to account.