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Originally Posted by cardiffred View Post
I never spoke about not welcoming Keates. Your point was about not supporting him now he is here. I wouldn't have appointed him, however I'm desperate for him to succeed.

How many managers do you think would have stayed in Keates' situation?

You say how many managers would of stayed in Keates situation, how many other clubs 4th in the league 8 games to go would of accepted an approach by another club let alone let their manager speak to them?

How many other clubs would of re-employed that failed manager and his staff so soon after ruining their promotion chances?

When he left that should of been it simple as that, especially as it was us who gave him his chance in management.

On top of this obviously his style of hoofball was up there with the worst ever witnessed at this once great club.

Do you think Mills Club Man U would re-employ Mourinho after Solskjaer is sacked?
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