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Default Re: Are the board concerned about losing fans and money ?

Originally Posted by Rk11 View Post
I agree totally. People in paid positions also need to be more accountable. Stadium Manager is an obvious person to point the finger at.

Think having a lifespan is also important. The WST has had different people in charge at different times to do different jobs.

For me a good example is P.Salmon who does all of the maintenance and will have saved us a ridiculous amount of money, I am certain. We need to be in a position where we are not relying on that. It is not sustainable. And he's someone I know little about as a fan but have been impressed by and absolutely appreciate he will have saved us huge amounts of money over the years. He SHOULD be paid for those services and if we can't afford it then we need to know.

For the record, he is someone I have no issue with whatsoever being on the club board.
Agree with this. Unfortunately the current system will support the current level of where we are at if all goes well or National North if the waste and bad decision making continues. 8 years of decline is all the evidence we need. It all keeps coming back to having the vision of success defined. By now we should be relying less on volunteers for some roles. I still believe a healthy volunteer base in some areas can do nothing but enhance the club btw. This mindset that part time will be ok has been a driver for the waste of a competitive budget generated by our awesome support. That same support saved the club originally with excellent initiatives driven by RP. It is up to those on the boards currently to be honest about what they are contributing. Yes we can carry on at 5th tier where the exciting times will be escaping 6th tier... or we can have a vision that welcomes skill sets to reverse our decline and deliver the success that can be measured on the field. Im sure at least some currently sitting on the boards would welcome that approach but maybe not all. There is a big sea of opportunity out there but maybe the small pool we are currently in suits some ?