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Default Re: Are the board concerned about losing fans and money ?

Originally Posted by Ooh aah Paskin View Post
I may be being dumb here but,

Can a person be a director of the Club Board if they have been voted off the Trust Board? Ie. Do you have to be on the Trust Board to be a Club Board member?

Just wondering, because I believe some Trust board members are up for re-election next year (?) who coincidentally are also on the Club Board.

Therefore, would losing Trust Board status automatically lose Club Board status? If so, that is one avenue. If not, what's the point?
A trust board member can be voted off at an AGM or EGM.
The constitution requires that a majority of the football club board are from the WST board to ensure that decisions are made in line with trust policy.
I f a trust board member was deselected then, theoretically he could be co opted onto the FC board but even the most ardent Trust board member would be hard pressed to go against the wishes of a decision made at an EGM.
Sensible change needs to be thought through and alternative proposals would need to gain the members support,
A wholesale cull is not the answer, considered change is.
personally think the Keates appointment was lazy and the DSA decision was petulant. Doesn't anyone pick up a phone and talk these days or is it all down to text and 'E' Mail.