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Default Re: Are the board concerned about losing fans and money ?

Not sure which thread to post this in and didn't want to start yet another new one.

My take on things:

Keates - objectively sensible appointment but may have wished to look elsewhere as clear he was going to be divisive

Davies - not impressed by him when he was manager but if you appoint Keates you have to let him work with who he feels best. Good that he is FT not PT.

DSA - All a bit of a sorry episode, wish they'd have resolved it in a non-public way. Club seem more at fault from what I've read but DSA could have done things to de-escalate.

Press conference - agree it was all a bit weird and uncomfortable. Not good Dixie verbally contradicted the statement and that Keates had to announce Flynn departure and Davies arrival.

That's my views out of the way, how how do we constructively resolve this mess? Getting more and more angry at the board and each other won't help our club flourish. Other than resign/sack Keates immediately what can the board realistically start doing to build bridges?

I am happy to email them with a summary of your suggestions but like Brexit the toxic polarised round and round debate and vitriol is depressing and unhelpful.