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Default Re: Harrogate - Team, predictions?

Originally Posted by Cymro View Post
Just get behind whatever team is on the pitch. The DSA dispute has nothing to do with the match and needs to be resolved not used as a stick to beat the board. Hope we win to restore confidence. 2-0 please. A request not a prediction
Won't happen. People aren't robots.

Most fans don't want Keates. Most don't like the board either. The DSA disgrace from the board has just further increased the divide between club and fans. Most fans have now had enough.
This will escalate at some point, I'd image a defeat would kick start it all into action.
Not saying I want anything to happen, but I think its gone too far now and something sooner or later will give where it'll all boil over and turn ugly.
Then they'll blame the fans again as will some on here who are as predictable as it gets.