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Default Re: Sack the board Tuesday MRS

Originally Posted by REDGOG View Post
Any indications of what the board think of the disharmony within the fan base at present? and what plans if any do they have to calm the situation?.

Their actions over the last few weeks have only made things worse.

Some on here don't seem to care if gates drop when fans walk away but without fans there is no club.
I don't disagree, and am surprised at the current silence, though perhaps this is indicative of dialogue and planning in the background.

If so great, and good that ill-considered actions and statements are avoided as a result.

If not, and the hope is that the protests and concerns will be washed away in a tsunami of wins and a rapid ascent up the table, it's not so great.

There are real concerns that need to be listened to, responded to and addressed. Yes, the league position brings them into sharp focus, but they need to be dealt with irrespective of where we sit in tier 5.