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Default Re: Wycombe changing from 100% fans owned

the paranoia of many of our fans is what will keep the current status quo in place, it is understandable why some are apprehensive of private ownership but our best periods have been under private ownership, it was not all roses, no, but the best years this club ever saw, highs and lows, for a long time now we have been flat lining, mediocracy, but mediocracy in non league, we are now regarded as a non league outfit, this ownership model is in survival mode only, it is being run like a domestic economics exercise and not a viable business with a growth structure, the fans base has grown but not the speculation from those in charge, other teams that are ex league have come down, reorganised and made it back into the league while we linger in stagnation, the paranoia (understandable but now obsolete) is one of the causes of our mediocracy, we need a business man, or woman who is strong enough to guide a business to success, leave things as they are and this time next year we will be contemplating the prospect of another lost season in the wilderness, accept the obvious or decline/stagnate