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Default Re: Would an apology from Dean Keates ease tensions?

Originally Posted by Prodigal Dragon View Post

DK had very little time to influence last night’s mediocre display — his reluctance to introduce subs earlier on was a slight worry — but he now has time and a ‘freebie’ on Saturday to better prepare for the Chesterfield head-to-heads. Hopefully they won’t be drawers!

No need to apologise unless the mediocrity continues.
I agree and it’s all academic as he will never do such a thing.
Time to move on as the vast majority clearly wanted to last night.
Talking to other supporters before the game none of us would have selected Keates but also tellingly none of us had a stand out alternative but we all agreed that BH was an awful selection who was clearly out of his depth.
Then we got on with encouraging the team.