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Default Re: Wycombe changing from 100% fans owned

Originally Posted by KM Red View Post
A lot have posts on here have suggested that the club is put up for sale. If that happens there will be plenty of interest from a number of parties you would not want near any football club.

Even if you want private ownership surely you want someone or a group of people to approach the club who want to be involved with Wrexham AFC because they support the club ? And you would want them to fulfill certain criteria ? Or are you happy to have a non supporter/s who may or may not have money?

If such people exist they will come forward without being asked imo.
So no fan has ever said that then.

Your first paragraph is total speculation based on our past and based on scaremongering and paranoia.

People have come forward and approached the club only to be met with resistance and/or ridiculous terms that they know full well no one in their right mind would ever agree to. Its a sneaky cowardly way of putting people off without having the balls to actually come out and say it to the fan base. I mean some fans are that paranoid still they don't even trust Bryn Law. Whatever your opinion of him he's without doubt a big Wrexham fan.

If the club is put up for sale it would be the duty of the WST to ensure its sold to the right person/people. They do not have to be lifelong Wrexham fans, the people who run the club now are (bar one Utd fan) lifelong fans and under their direction we achieved nothing as a club in over 8 years and are currently at the wrong end of the league table, so that argument is flawed. We've gone backwards under the WST ownership. See league table for proof.

Fans want the club put up for sale mainly because they want success and we're miles away from that. You can scaremonger all you want but the fact remains fan ownership isn't working so other options need to be looked at.
Keep doing the same things and expect the same results. Over 8 years worth of that now and for some the penny still hasn't dropped. You wonder what it would take, relegation?
Wrexham FC fan not a WST fan.

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