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Default Re: Wycombe changing from 100% fans owned

Originally Posted by KM Red View Post
A lot have posts on here have suggested that the club is put up for sale. If that happens there will be plenty of interest from a number of parties you would not want near any football club.

Even if you want private ownership surely you want someone or a group of people to approach the club who want to be involved with Wrexham AFC because they support the club ? And you would want them to fulfill certain criteria ? Or are you happy to have a non supporter/s who may or may not have money?

If such people exist they will come forward without being asked imo.
I disagree. the club is fan owned and very proud of that fact.

There is a process which involves many hoops to jump through if you want to put money in. I understand the reasons for this, but the only mention of investment the trust ever makes is in setting out these conditions. In my view this is to put off investors , but even if its not, there is nothing that the WST have said to encourage approaches, or to say approaches are welcome. Expecting people to come forward and force the club to accept their money is unrealistic.

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