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Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
The club has never been more transparent. Accounts available on a regular basis at the AGM's together with predictions going forward.
Minutes of trust meetings available on the WST web site which sometimes include football matters.
Board members often available around the stadium and at away games to listen to fans views and concerns. Don't know any that hide away.
Expecting the club to issue injury updates on a regular basis, doesn't equate to lack of transparency.
Yes. Reasonably happy with the board in place.
Not happy with Keates appointment but hope it was done with the best interest of the club.
Another poster called the board a joke.
I'm still waiting for a reasoned response from him as to who the jokers are and why?
I'd love us to be more successful on the pitch and stop the petty squabbling off it which results in what appears to be a relatively minor clash with the DSA going Nuclear.
Why no one picked up the phone to sort that out, from either side, is beyond me.

Your presence at the club may be missed but I'd like to see what you would propose if you got your way and the Trust and Club board were to go.
This transparent board that held a press conference introducing Barrow as manager to fans knowing he wanted out?

This transparent board who kept Manny's contract from us?

This transparent board that didn't have the guts to sit beside the man they appointed in his first press conference and explain their decision?

The transparent board that tells lies about the DSA to cover themselves?

They are only transparent when it suits them and when they can use it as currency to win fans over.

This transparent board that used a club legend as their fall guy and didn't even have the decency to tell him the truth?

Laughable and deluded but not unexpected.