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Default Re: Would an apology from Dean Keates ease tensions?

Originally Posted by dixienormous View Post
I spoke to a person at the game last night who was at the first training session. He told me Keates basically told the players if they're not prepared to give a 100% at all times they would be out of the door, this was said in no uncertain terms. He also told me Darlo was there, but not involved at all in the training session, and never has been under Dean Keates.
During his first spell at the club I know for a fact Keates brought Darlo in to look after the stats and to give the players individual training programmes etc
I think this could well be the case and I can live with that.

Keates would have been the last person to get the job if I had a say, but he's here now, he did well last time and I don't blame him for leaving us to join his hometown club, two leagues above and probably trebling his wages.

I've just had enough of this arrogant board. They've failed, it's as simple as that and they should step down, the club needs a huge change of direction whether that's a slight change to the ownership structure or selling the club to the best possible candidate. Under these clowns we will never know if there are people out there. Please, just go ffs.
If training under Keates is this then i'm on board with that. I don't agree with Keates returning but he's here and if he sorts us out, brilliant.

Problems are clearly elsewhere.