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Default Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda

Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
This would achieve nothing and misses the point.
The time to answer questions has long gone, its beyond that now given their behaviour and actions recently. They need to be held to account for their deceit. I haven't seen you comment on the lies they've told either.

This is what would happen.
We turn up, ask questions, are given 'answers' (most likely politicians answers as per usual) then we all go home and nothing changes. It doesn't hold them to account. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a publicity stunt that shouts look we do listen but in reality nothing changes.
The only way to hold the board to account is an EGM. There isn't any other way that I'm aware of.
I dont think QR is saying an EGM is not the right process for this but the issues/questions and answers need to managed.

So asking for an explanation of January is fine but what outcome do you want from the answer? They brought in Dixie as football advisor for interviews.

If you want someone removing from the board then ask for it specifically and it can go to a vote.
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