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Default Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda

Originally Posted by pagl View Post
I dont think QR is saying an EGM is not the right process for this but the issues/questions and answers need to managed.

So asking for an explanation of January is fine but what outcome do you want from the answer? They brought in Dixie as football advisor for interviews.

If you want someone removing from the board then ask for it specifically and it can go to a vote.
A question and answer session is utterly pointless. All you'd get is their usual spin and the standard 'look at us, aren't we great we all pay for our season tickets don't you know'.

I'm not sure bringing in an ex player who has been out of the game for 25 plus years stacks up as a credible football 'advisor'. And then they went and gave the job to a guy they previously employed anyway.
It was nothing more than a publicity stunt that back fired massively in their own press conference.
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