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Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
There are only 4 WST board members on the club board.
The constitution demands that the WST has a majority of Football board members.
The members elect the trust board and have a chance annually to deselect / elect a candidate.(or 3) If you don't like a FC board member, don't vote for him when his time as a WST board member is up.
The trust board are required to nominate a minimum of 3 WST board members to the trust board.
If you are not on the trust board then you cannot have one of those positions.
Phil Salmon is at present the only person who has been asked to join the FC board as he has the skill set that was perceived to be missing.
Under consideration is a Director of Football position.
The constitution got the club in this mess, so the constitution should be changed. I'm sure as a fierce defender of the rules, you will have no issues with current board members being excluded from future elections if the rules are changed to limit a Max 2 terms. Keep defending them. Sad how the fan ownership model at wrexham was praised nationally before the current chairman and board took control, and results were better too.

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