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Default Re: Do we deserve a statement?

Originally Posted by Prodigal Dragon View Post
The WST and Club Boards should hold an emergency meeting tomorrow and agree an alternative approach to the one they have stuck to. They should then issue a statement indicating what those changes will be. That, IMHO, is essential.

If they merely issue an ‘it’ll all come good’ statement or no statement at all, then we WST members must force them out. Two of the directors need to stay in post to provide continuity, but the others must go, and we need a WST Chairman who has the support of the WST members, and who can rectify the damage done.

The WST and Club Board are supposed to be running a business professionally. It is not a ‘once a year charity bash’. They must be held accountable, and a statement should be part of that process.
There is a danger of 1 out all out if the Trust board and Club board are as tightly aligned as some fans perceive.
We would then require an special meeting to appoint temporary replacements to organise the next phase.
Due process would have to follow with new applications for board positions, then a meeting organised to confirm elected members. The new board then to appoint a new club board who would have to learn from scratch and make instant pragmatic decisions.
Calls for heads to roll are understandable but the WST society / membership are still the club owners and I'm not sure we can afford a 2 month impasse before changes could be made.
Anyone willing to raise their heads above the parapet?