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Default Re: Do we deserve a statement?

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
Head not in sand JND. Just being realistic.
The club will never be finished, no matter what happens.
Saddens me to say that after the last few league games we are looking a lot worse than even I thought we would be under Keates and he should go.

Would be absolutely ridiculous to go down to NLN with £1 million plus sitting in the bank.
Get a decent manager!! Get some proper midfield players and a Striker in January.
Don't think DK is capable of that though.
I think what you say is bang on However under these delusional numpties what will happen is.
1. They will say there is no one better to run the club
2. They will sack the Manager
3. They will put his Assistant in Charge again Davies OMG
4. They will go for a cheap option Manager Again
5. They will make sure that the new Manager has to work with Darlington
6. They will not release the money out of the War Chest to buy quality players.
7. And my personal Favourite We are better off than Bury, and its not that Im not sorry for Bury but who gives a Flying F##k about Bury its Wrexham Iím worried about and at the Moment we are well and truly F######