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Default Re: Realistic Changes to Our Club

Originally Posted by NewportRoadEnd View Post
I work in a utility company so different - but tracking these across to our leadership team

Our Director of Operations does what WFC call Line Management.
Our CEO and two NEDs split what WFC called ‘board governance’
Our HR Director does what WFC call HR.
Our Head of Comms does the Communications bit.
Our Director of Regulation does Business Strategy.

6-8 people working full time to do the eqv of a job that Spencer Harris does part time. I report directly to one of those so have first hand experience. Doing two of those jobs at our place (1600 colleagues) would be utterly impossible.

Also, lots of conversation here on the use of RACI. The way SH has articulated it shows he doesn’t understand it. It’s a project management tool that sets out responsibilities, not a performance management tool.
In every walk of life you also need answers - an answer or authorisation / agreement to proceed can go on to unlock 6 more actions and so on and so on involving far more people - but how can we realistically function like a smooth oiled engine if the bloke at the ships wheel is employed somewhere else and presumably for a great majority of the time non - functional ?
As the saying goes 'too many cooks spoil the broth or perhaps in our case we haven't got the cook in the kitchen long enough to even get the pan on the boil !'
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