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Default Re: Realistic Changes to Our Club

Originally Posted by -luke View Post
Got to say bit fed up of people misunderstanding what a RACI actually is. I totally understand why people dont get it. Its nothing to do woth corporate culture.

Its a tool predominantly used in project management where you have a matrix management approach to leading the activities of a number of people.

I could explain how they should work, but nobody cares. However the context of its use and its application at the football club is just totally wrong. It highlights a worrying point though.

Spencers job is in project management now I believe (seems like he is in a lesser role than his HR directors job now?). He seems to be employing tools and techniques he is familiar with despite them being out of context. Its a bit worrying that they are so devoid of ideas that they believe the principles of project management in a fmcg organisation are directly transferrable to running a football club.
No need to feel fed up, everyones interpretation of RACI is different.

It seems fairly obvious that project management and a matrix management approach are more likely to be found within corporate culture (companies with a large number of employees) such as fmcs organisations than down at the local corner shop.

When you study the long list of SH's responsibilities at WAFC it is profoundly ridiculous. No one who has a busy full time job could undertake all of that as a volunteer and do it successfully. What it looks like is a list to satisfy and justify a sense of control and influence, rather than indicate a true reflection of responsible performance.
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