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Default Re: Realistic Changes to Our Club

Originally Posted by eosceiriog View Post
It is also a symptom of how bad things are.

The club is a small business it needs much much less beuarocaracy, a lighter touch and to be fleeter of foot.
Amen to that.

Essentially, we have neither the money nor the personnel to have a complex structure in place. We seem unwilling or unable to employ a CEO to manage the club on a day-to-day basis, with a Board supervising him.

We currently — by necessity — have a Board doing the work and being responsible for supervising their actions and outcomes. Unless those individuals are very self-critical they cannot possibly do both roles well.

With the limited resources available, our best compromise, IMHO, is to have a genuine chairman — for ease, let’s call them the WST Chairman — who does no ‘hands on’ work but just supervises, and. Board below him that does a combination of work and supervision.

Ideally, we should have: a CEO who manages all non-football stuff, and reports to the Board; and a DoF who supports a competent manager.

Spencer has assumed too much work and responsibility, which inevitably means folk do too much to too low a standard.

Essentially, we have a structure that is not fit for purpose, and individuals who have been in post for too long and they have become unaccountable to the owners — the WST members, except we ain’t, because there is only one share and that is held by the WST Chairman.

Oh, and top of that, we have a crap football team and set-up. Mustn’t forget that.
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