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Default Re: Players refusing to leave?

Originally Posted by GiggityGiggityGiggityGoo View Post
NE Scouting

10 Jan
I will admit when wrong!! Keates staying but players still donít want him!! Agents hear everything and everyone talks in football!! No agent wants players going into a toxic club!! Signings were promised by #wrexhamafc but no one managed to be convinced to come in!! Fans worried

Players and Keates not getting on at all!! 16 games left of the season canít keep carrying on like it is!! Players need a manager they can play for!! Fans should be very worried about the toxic atmosphere in the changing rooms!! Source is a current #wafc player #wxmafc #wrexhamfc

Might be a better source than thought.
I'll bet its Pearson who is leaking all this. Has to be.

Board fiddling with fingers in their ears while Rome burns.