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Default Re: Second disabled platform plan shelved?

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
Whilst I support the disabled platform construction, there is an issue with safe egress from the lower GUS. Sounds like the ground safety committee have had an input here.
The platform has been redesigned at least 2 times and for what the DSA gain, 3 or 4 spaces with carers we could lose a lot more if the exit is impeded by this as it fits across part of the steps in that corner.
I honestly believe that there is a much better though more expensive solution to provide additional disabled spaces in the lower GUS.
The DSA's suggestion for some time, and prior to the club's P2 plan. Argument against, was primarily the removal of seating (in a lower tier which is pretty much unused!). The DSA pointed out the rather moot nature of the club's argument, and our objections to the corner idea, but the current plan was steamrollered through.
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