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Default Re: "Congratulations to the supporters...."

Originally Posted by griff49 View Post
Same old same old invisible investors.
You need to find one with a lot of money!!!
And then ? Every thread is inundated by the same few
Negative contributors . Better to call this site
Another name .
What is invisible because it does not exist is leadership and vision.

Potential outside help is invisible to you and your fellow travellers, including the people leading us in name only, because of a lack of vision and a desire to hang on to a level of power that many of these incompetents could never otherwise achieve anywhere else.

Their job is to find help and funds rather than find ever novel ways of telling us why it could or should not be done. Leaders find a way where others cannot.

What's wrong with the club is entirely down to lack of decent leadership and vision, the rest including poor football results and attempting to mislead fans etc. are merely symptoms not the cause.

I do not consider myself negative. If you want to keep the standards set under "fan" ownership what we have today may be acceptable. If you want much better, then it is not acceptable, and that is the positive attitude. Accepting mediocrity is negativity of the first water.

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