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Default Re: Do we need an Investor?

Originally Posted by sparky View Post
I'll see your Bury, Macc, Oldham and I'll even give you Rushden and Diamonds and Darlington. However, I'll raise you with teams we used to play on a regular basis and who we are now a million miles away from. Burnley, Bournemouth, Millwall, Brentford, Preston, Swansea, Cardiff, Wigan, Luton, Wycombe, Fleetwood, Oxford, Burton, Gillingham, Bristol Rovers, Lincoln, Shrewsbury, Blackpool... The list goes on, I'm sure you get the picture.

Folk have had enough, you and your merry band of ideologists have had your chance and have failed big time, and in the process have forgotten what a professional football club is all about. You have had more than enough time, please, for the love of god, let it go and let someone else have a crack. After all, they can't do much worse.
We now have the worst owners in the clubs history. Fact.
Wrexham FC fan not a WST fan.

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