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Default Re: 150 year lease for the Groves

Originally Posted by markh View Post
So if the council are trying to remove the education covenant from the Groves site by mitigating against a new school on 9 acre what is going in the Groves building? This in its self may create a battle with groups in favour of the Groves remaining educational and of course groups who want 9 acre to remain green.
I don't get why they don't look to sympathetically redevelop Groves, the current route will likely end up costing as much with all the battles that will be fought.

Plenty of examples out their of such redevelopments, plus the council will have to pay for the up keep of the Groves building if left empty., plus a new school on top.

I hope it all falls through, I don't believe Groves will be big enough for where the football club should be.

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