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Default Communications failures - or are these the priorities discussed?

Many seem to feel that communications from the club regarding things like football news, injuries, new players or targets, performances and so on are lacking.

The Minutes of the December Board Meeting included the following item:


Communications UpdateDec2019.pdf (which could not be read as it is a "secret" file)

Discussions around Q&A.

Positive exercise. One or two minor challenges, including a small number of emails containing a huge number of questions.

SH and SSH both think that we should make invitation to him to come in to have the questions answered. Agreed by the board.

ACTION: Board to respond to individual who asked 81 questions with an invitation to discuss matters in person."

I make that a total of 4 short paragraphs to tell us what's going on.

Some fans (ok - many fans) have criticised the emphasis placed by the Board on "community" actions. Is that fair? Well, if the time spent on them, and the comparison with football matters is anything to go by, the critics might well be right!

Here's the relevant extract from the same meeting's Minutes:

"7. Community Group

text_2019-12-16.pdf (another "secret" file)

Junior Dragons Christmas Party went well.
SSH – thank you to Dean and the team. They were there for 11.00am and for the duration of the party.
SSH – a number of players brought their own children and they really enjoyed it.
SSH – really positive feedback. All the parents gave good feedback.
Feedback positive on social media.
Christmas Cards have gone out. Positive feedback on social media about this.
SSH – players were really good with the children.
SH – Welsh translation didn’t translate and didn’t make sense. Translated literally
GJ – if we do the work now, it will be fine for 2020.
SH – ask SH to do translation.

Grant applied for, up to £500.00, from Football v Homophobia. Will cover the cost of the kit.
Kits will be auctioned off after to raise money.
SSH – specific cause. Homeless in Wrexham?

SL - Louise Englefield from Football v Homophobia to attend Torquay game on 15th. Helen Hardy to attend

SL - Hospital visit happened today. Went well. Gemma Hogan taken up there. Big thanks to Geoff and Commercial. More stock from the shop taken. More presents Wrexham AFC related.

SL – To arrange meeting with DSA. They proposed this Friday. Urge progress with the second platform.

SL – Taken over running of existing platform from DSA which is being run smoothly. Bulk of same people running the platform. Only cost to the club is supply of tea and coffee.

SL – arrange meeting with Public Health Wales in the New Year.

SL – Gresford Colliery shirts downstairs ready for presentation on Boxing Day. Publicity shot in front of the wheel in Gresford. They will have all three framed shirts.

SSH – when are supporters’ group to receive match worn shirt? PJ to speak to Geoff Scott.

GJ – disabled platform plans with Phil Salmon. Original plans rejected by WCBC. Plans re-drawn. He has the materials to build, and it is ready to put together. On board meeting agenda for tomorrow night. New plans are better. Have full support of Dave Sharp (planning officer). Blessing of all the people that could stop it happening. Kit is three-quarters assembled in workshop. Matter of days assembling it on site here. Plans just need to be approved by Council.

ACTION: PJ to speak to Geoff Scott about supporters’ group receiving match worn shirt."

I lost count of the paragraphs but the length of the report speaks volumes.

I'm not suggesting that the subjects covered are unimportant, but merely asking if they have their priorities right...

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