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Default Re: Second disabled platform plan shelved?

Originally Posted by Welsh Kiwi View Post
No surprises here.

It is consistent with everything that has gone before.

The WST members voted democratically to build the platform. The WST board were against it.

The WST members won the vote.

Result. The platform does not get prioritised. There are differences of opinion between the key stakeholders of where the platform should be located.

The platform does not get build. The platform is continually delayed for one reason or another.

I do recognise it certainly isn't a very easy and simple thing for the Club to do. It requires design and build engineering, back and to planning approval, the loss of a few seats and allocating the finance budget to pay for it that would have been allocated to another area.

It also requires good clear communication to keep everyone updated. (Though this hasn't happened. It has seemed like visiting a dentist. Pulling teeth)

The bit I really don't get is why the WST board and Club board wouldn't have wanted to vote to support something that is truly an exceptional marketing asset for any club owned by its community of fan members. And apart from its marketing potential (media and press) the most important thing is providing fans (customers) of the Football Club with an equal playing field through equal accessibility and equal amenity.

The DSA have done and continue to do a fantastic job for those fans of Wrexham AFC with disabilities.

Diversity, accessibility and inclusivity for all are incredibly important elements in any progressive organisation in 2020.

I really don't get it at all.
Spot on. To not consider the needs of our differently able fellow fans is reprehensible from a moral, legal and business standpoint.
It displays an astonishing lack of empathy. There will be issues that need sorting - there always are - but this isn't complicated. Focus on what's important here, stop making excuses and to paraphrase.. GET THE PLATFORM DONE