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Default Re: Communications failures - or are these the priorities discussed?

Originally Posted by The Method Maws View Post
It's hard to answer without seeing the full minutes/agenda.

Community group is point 7, so that must be lower priority than what was in the 6 other items. Impossible to make a comparison when we dont know how much time was spent discussing each point.

Which parts of the community would you stop doing if you were on the board? The hospital visit? Disabled platform? I imagine they would get criticised if they did

Who asks 81 questions? At least whoever it is now has the chance to go and ask the board
If this was a criticism from the club to a message posted to shine a light on some of the issues that many fans have complained about, I'm sure that someone would tell the author of that criticism to get off his backside and look at the full Minutes on the WST website.

The positioning of an Agenda item does not necessarily reflect its importance, and is certainly not a prerequisite of good business practice.

Returning to those particular Minutes, you have completely ignored the main thrust of comparing the two items: Whereas the Communications section communicates virtually nothing, the Community section goes into considerable detail. While some do criticise the Board for focussing too closely on community inclusion, many more criticise them for failing to let the fans know what is being done to reverse the appalling results of matches, and to remedy our current relegation threat.

If focussing on the fact that reading about "Christmas cards having been sent out with positive media responses" is more important to you than being informed about what the Club is doing to try to avoid relegation, (about which there was very little Minuted other than five minor points in a different section, with information hidden instead within a "secret" file) then you are entitled to your opinion. I'd venture that thousands of fans would disagree with you though!

There are many fans who grumble without telling the decision makers what they are unhappy about. What difference should it make if one fan asks 81 questions, rather than 81 fans asking one question each? He showed more initiative in taking that step than the other 80 fans who stayed silent! Agreed?

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