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Default Re: Communications failures - or are these the priorities discussed?

Originally Posted by Jaded View Post
They were collated by someone to avoid duplication. You know this, as you posted in the thread he started following the Q & A!

Q&A REVIEW | Your thoughts, was your question answered?
That thread is littered with the usual jaw dropping ignorance from the usual brain washed pyjama wearers. This is an absolute gem from the WST chief of sand:

Originally Posted by fluffysheepsupporter
Firstly I have not read any of the questions or answers. Ignorance is bliss The whole idea got completely out of hand and for NWD it has clearly annoyed him even more because the answers do not suit him. He didn't get any answers you div For me it is very simple It would have to be. We appointed a trust, voted in a board to run it , and if members don't like the board they have to be voted out. I would then expect those who vote them out to step in and do all the work of those who had left .Clueless, ignorant and plain fcking stupid That IMHO would not happen. There are no signs of a well organised take over process so this current fuss about the way the club is run is only serving to give some keyboard warriors potential and unnecessary heart attacks.
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