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Default Re: Email and letters to the Board

Originally Posted by The Only Way Is Up View Post
The so-called "wall of text" is not the format of the original messages sent to them. They are condensed on here simply in order to reduce the length of the posts. If you are genuinely unable to read them for some reason, I'll happily send them to you unabridged in PMs.

Otherwise, I'll assume that it is merely a complaint for complaining's sake.
If what you sent has been condensed on here I can fully understand a reluctance to read the unabridged version. Not denying you have the right to put your point or to free speech but for me a huge amount of text can only be answered in full by another long reply which will inevitably lead to even more lengthy correspondence and no resolution on either side of the divide. The Q and A exercise was a good example. Huge numbers of questions repetitive in nature were never going to be answered in a way which would satisfy those who asked them. Change which occurs within the Trust rules and constitution is the only way forward.