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Default Re: Football League Postponements

Originally Posted by Gaz Wxm View Post
what a load of bo**ocks from the national league this is all down to money if they suspend the competition I bet they would be liable and have to financially assist clubs who will face financial hardship.... the national league don't give two hoots for the fans or their families and are putting us at risk, yes maybe the young generation and fit and health fans attending games will be able to easily fight off the infection but their elderly or already ill relatives won't. The governments plan is to delay the virus so the medical services can cope with the "steady"(uniform) demand as it is inevitable that the vast majority of us will catch it. If the spike in infections gets too high hundreds will be at risk as they won't be able to get treated.

So well done national league showing your true colours again......
This is what I've been wondering. If the government ban gatherings of 500+ next week, which I've seen is being suggested, does that mean it would be the government who'd have to financially assist clubs rather than the NL?
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