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Default Re: Happy Anniversary Dean Keates!

Originally Posted by TWREX View Post
I'm not advocating him as manager just coach. Had a belly full of the hoofball from the other three.
Sorry I thought you might come back on that point as I didn't reply to your comment properly but why take him on even as coach ?
Personally I wouldn't.

If we were to take on a new manager then who he brings in as coaching staff personnel should be left for him to decide - Keates departed for Walsall and took his team with him - if your going to be manager of a club and held to account then it should be down to you as manager to appoint the people you are going to work with and trust - far too many times it has been said that the likes of Darlington have some hold at the club - perhaps there is something in the system that says whoever the manager is we still have to have Darlington - I really don't know but if it is the case it shouldn't be - on the other hand Keates might be quite happy with his contribution - but if it came to starting with a clean slate again that's what it should be and the new manager should not be held to conditions impose by the hierarchy at the club or past promises.
Have previous managerial applicants dropped out because of this issue ? somebody like Bryan Hughes with no experience and being offered his first position as manager I would imagine would grasp at any branch thrown at them - older wiser heads might walk away when they discover the full job description.
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