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Originally Posted by Red Light View Post
Out of interest, what criteria is used to decide which ex players are entered into the hall of fame and who makes the decisions ?
The Supporters Association initiated the awards in 2002. We had a sub-committee of 5 who met each August /Sept to discuss and select inductees. We started off with an initial 20 which proved easier than you might think. Key figures in the Club's history really stand out.From 2003 to 2008 inclusive we elected 5 each year. We adopted a policy of inclusiveness from the start , recognising players , managers, other WAFC staff who had given outstanding service and achieved great things at the Club. We also had a rarely given Special Award for those who , whilst not employed by the Club , had contributed in a highly significant way. Two of these Special Awards were given to Carroll Clark in 2005 ( marking 40 years on the SA committee and 30 years 45 years Chairman ) and WST as a group in 2006 (for obvious reasons).
With several of us on the HoF sub-committee due for retirement , it was agreed to hand the Hall of Fame over to the Wrexham Supporters Federation. Sadly , it was allowed to lapse but I understand plans are in hand to revive the Awards shortly. I wish them well.
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