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Default Re: Will football survive Covid-19?

Originally Posted by KM Red View Post
The club is run by a small set of people but it is owned by every member of the WST. The fact that you and many others on here fail to grasp that somewhat simple concept says something about you and those to subscribe to the same theory.

Why not get in touch with that bloke Murphy that Chester have told to get lost ? A mate of mine reckons he is really a Tranmere Rovers fan. He claims to have money so he could be your man ?
So if I own part of the club, wanna buy my share?
Oh no wait I can't sell it. What does that tell you?

We grasp it, the reality of it is different though. How come you haven't grasped the reality of it yet?
WST members fund the club, nothing else, we own nothing.

Have you missed the fact that the WST and Club boards pick and choose what members can vote on? You must have.

We voted to get the ground lease but no vote on the training ground. Again you must have missed this.

Brain washed by pete coaches and his cronies. Its the hard of thinking for themselves like you that have brought the club to where it is today. Do you feel proud of yourself? *slow clap

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