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Default Re: Will football survive Covid-19?

Originally Posted by KM Red View Post
Grasp all of that thanks. Almost everything you have said is about the way the club is run not about ownership. There needs to be changes in the way the club is run. I would agree with some of your criticism.

So when it boils down to it do you want private ownership or supporter ownership ? There are alternatives in between 51/49 etc. So which is your preferred option ?
Nope you said we were owners. We are not. Glad you've come round though.
Used to think fan ownership was the way but now I don't think it can work. I may be wrong but our model is utterly flawed in its current form. Not enough fans buy into it and not enough vote on resolutions and that won't change. Your average everyday fans just wants to watch games.

Fans who think that all private owners are crooks need to look at nearly every other league club and have a rethink.

The evidence is that private ownership is by far the most successful way. 50/50 might work too. I'm open to anything bar carrying on as we are.