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Default Re: Wealdstone Fiasco

Originally Posted by DenbighRed View Post
We're mugs for ever taking him back.

Just to recap the situation, he leaves with 8 games to go in a season. His gormless number 2 Andy Davies takes over and single-handedly ruins our season, costing us a play-off spot when it was almost harder to finish outside the PO places. Davies follows Keates to Walsall as soon as the season finishes. They make a total mess of that job and are pretty soon told they're no longer required. Is being the mugs we are then decide to take these two clowns back.

All the while Darlington has been with us offering sod all as usual.

Why is this club such an embarrassing walkover with no semblance of a spine?

Please for the love of God let this takeover happen and get rid of the three idiots as soon as humanly possible.
Great post.

The WST have turned into one of the biggest jokes in football.
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