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Default Re: Rock And A Hard Place

Originally Posted by Wiltshire_Red View Post
A thoughtful and concerning post by the op, something we are all feeling after this week’s abysmal performances.

We just have to hope that the takeover goes through ok, followed by the appointment of a full time chief executive with football club experience, hopefully someone like Peter Moore. They can then start by putting in place a professional organisation, including a new playing management team, who can get us playing attacking and successful football.

Just watched the BBC documentary on the demise of Bury FC and the rise of the fans owned Phoenix club. Good luck to them, but we know from experience that model will only take them so far.
Very true and when the idealistic obsession becomes more important than the football club you get a club like ours, a complete disaster from top to bottom.

Let this nightmare come to an end, enough is enough for god's sake.
History will tell us what fan ownership did to us and how it nearly killed us, and it will kill us if this deal doesn't go through.

What's the difference between a dead club with debt and a dead club without debt? Nothing.
"We talk about it for twenty minutes and then we decide I was right." -Brian Clough

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