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Default Re: Wealdstone Fiasco

Was it really as bad as everyone is making out?
Come on,first half was OK. Defence looked uneasy and couldní settle down but there were a few positives. Reckord looked good,great crosses and covered a lot of ground, Young worked well with tremendous tackle laying on 2nd goal, Yussuf looked lively, and plenty of action in their box.
Second half you have to ask what was said at the break. We looked exactly what we are - a bunch of strangers with no affinity to the club,no team spirit,no captain and playing for a manager who is seemingly lacking any motivational skills and tactical variations.
No short term fix for those issues Iím afraid in our current plight.
Letís hope something positive happens in the next few weeks.
So, before I get lambasted, I suppose it was as bad as everyone is making out !
I think we're going to need a bigger boat !