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Default Re: Rock And A Hard Place

Originally Posted by dixienormous View Post
Very true and when the idealistic obsession becomes more important than the football club you get a club like ours, a complete disaster from top to bottom.

Let this nightmare come to an end, enough is enough for god's sake.
History will tell us what fan ownership did to us and how it nearly killed us, and it will kill us if this deal doesn't go through.

What's the difference between a dead club with debt and a dead club without debt? Nothing.
Originally Posted by dragonspark View Post
i will always maintain that paying off the debts in one go was a mistake, it left the club potless to the point where they then had to secretly borrow money to tick over, immediately prior to this the club was surviving with the team largely financed by moss,after which we have never had a decent football managing set up or team for that matter and then the club has the gall to say it has never been run better.
The real downfall of fan ownership has been the devotion to political principles and not just from the powers that be but from those individuals who blindly supported fan ownership based upon their own political beliefs, it has ruined this football club and must never be allowed again

I agree.
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