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Default Re: Rock And A Hard Place

Originally Posted by NottsRed View Post
Keates and the current managerial set up need to go of that there is no question. Same issues as last season have not been addressed and its already looking like relegation form.

We have possibly going through a takeover that could put much needed funds into the club and a path to a much higher level.

The issue is how long under the current set up can we keep going with Keates and his anti football before he has to be sacked? Can we even afford to sack him and get rid of Davies and Darlington under the current set up? Can the board be trusted to bring in a proper manager?

Any new owner just needs to have watched the last two games to know what we have managerial wise is nowhere near good enough, hell i think even Spencer and his ilk know Keates has been a catastrophic mistake not that they will admit it.

So what do we do. Sack now and risk another poor appointment or risk Keates driving us into the relegation zone and then someone proper having to come in and save us?

Trying not to even think what will happen if the deal dosen't go through.
You have highlighted the two main issues with getting shot of Keates now. Can we afford it as it stands, and can we trust the board to appoint someone else .

At least with the second point I know the answer is definitely not !!!!!!
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