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Default Re: Wealdstone Fiasco

Originally Posted by wrexile View Post
Thank Christ I couldn’t get to see this one and saved myself a tenner. Listening on Mixlr was telling enough, I think they described the car crash that’s emerging pretty well before losing the signal... which was a relief in itself!
It’s almost as if this deal has been planned a very long time ago with the brief of deliberately making us as shit as possible prior to any takeover.... it’s the only reason for possibly reinstalling Keates.
We have been shit since the trust first took over.

Morrell inherited a team which managed to keep us challenging until that team fell apart and we had about 6 weeks of exciting football in the summer after Gary Mills took over, but he was 'supposedly' constantly on the lash and his team were not disciplined by Mills, while Mills was not called to account by the board.
Aside from that we have been mostly dire under Keates&Co and Covid saved us from relegation to the Conference North last season.
Without a takeover, it is difficult to believe that we wont be relegated this season or if financially, we will go under anyway, as lots of fans will just not keep supporting year on year failure.

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