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Default Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll

Originally Posted by John Neals Dynasty View Post
I've not voted and won't vote as a poll on here means zilch.

I was one of the main posters on here going ape at them re-appointing him and his pal Davies....

But until the future of the club is sorted out we have no choice...

He's talks about players mentality! The tosser signed them he has no excuses he is out of his depth also so is his mates Darlington and Davies.

Fan's on here saying they are good players, they are non league journeymen for a reason, they lack ability.

This is the worst defence since being down here, OK We are missing Pearson, but Vassel up to now is very poor, kelleher started his first couple of games well but our coaches must of knocked it out of him, same with the rb hall Johnson he cannot defend, the left back is pretty steady.

Then we have a midfield who cannot keep possession, Harris is not the player he was Durrell puts in the effort but so does Rutherford, but both are not good enough, Thomas isn't upfront.

Soon as this takeover happens the better, if they are making a documentary they best put the present side on after the watershed at 9pm it's horrific to watch.
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I totally agree, I will also not vote in a meaningless poll. Keates good club captain, no doubt a good pro, is not a manager. He should never have been brought in. Just get this takeover sorted so we can have a meaningful vote and move this club on.

One last thing, who are the 19 people currently saying give him more time. We have been in this dump for 12 years, have they no ambition or are the Chester fans having a joke.

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